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Chinese interferences in Australian politics

While the United States is investigating about Russia’s attempts to interfere in last year’s presidential election, the Chinese government has come under increased scrutiny in Australia in recent weeks for its attempts to influence public life. A recent documentary entitled ‘’Power and Influence: the hard edge of China’s soft power’’ has provided an insight into […]


Gaza: Irremovable Scar

About the writer: Mohammed Nijim I was born and raised in Gaza Strip, Palestine. I had lived in that enclave for twenty years and once I left it, I decided to deliver the sufferings of its people and spread the truth to the external world in order to earn its sympathy and support. That emanates […]


Explaining international resistance to LGBT rights

The rise of the gay liberation movement in the early 1970s has without a doubt influenced states’ political agendas and policies across the globe. Thanks to globalization and the subsequent revolution in communication technologies – which has made possible the dissemination of information and ideas worldwide – LGBT organizations have been more than able to […]



The United Mexican States has been both  a subject of interest and controversy for the international community in this last year, mainly due to the United States’ decision to finally finish the construction of  the Mexico–United States barrier[1] aimed at stopping the illegal migratory flow including the revival of programs that allow the federal government […]


A stronger NATO means a stronger Europe

In depth analysis A stronger NATO means a stronger Europe Sea Guardian and Operation Sophia together After NATO Defence Ministers decisions in February 2016, Allies have swiftly made international efforts in terms of maritime to stem the flow of irregular migration in the Aegean Sea concerning the refugees and migrants crisis. The NATO mission, approved […]


President Donald Trump: thinking through foreign policy

President Donald Trump: thinking through foreign policy Few people would have bet it but in the end it happened: tycoon Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. Let’s try to analyse the possible foreign policy contexts: such a duty is certainly not easy, given the constraints and the unpredictabilities involving the international […]